When is a wedding, not a wedding?

Second chances of Love.

Chris and Suzi had both been married previously, both had kids with their previous partners and both ready to make a commitment to one another. They had the "big" weddings the first time around and wanted a day to celebrate their love to one another but in a way that was true to their character.

They had the stress of divorce and the complications it can be bring and wanted to avoid ever having that again. Suzi had chosen to take Chris' surname as a mark of their dedication to one another but rather than through marriage, applied for change of name via deed poll. The process is a little lacklustre when it comes theatrics and is rather clinical. To counter this, they booked a party at The Red House, Marsh Benham, invited their closest friends and loved ones, bought each other rings to exchange and donned wedding outfits.

The Red House, Marsh Benham

For all intents and purposes.

With everything in place for an amazing party and celebration of love without the "faff" it allowed Suzi & Chris to have the day they wanted, and what a day it was. We had tears, laughs and everything else a fly-on-the-wall photographer could ask for. There are always tears when absent guests who are sadly no longer with us are key to the lives of the bride and groom, this day was no exception to that. The speeches were particularly moving as Chris spoke about missing guests and gave thanks to those that were there plus included some very funny jokes.

It's just a word.

Take a look at the images below and let me know if you can tell the difference between this and most modern weddings.